Why hire a Mold Remediation Specialist?

Mold remediation is not a “do it yourself job”.  Mold remediation requires professional chemicals, equipment and training. Treating mold with household chemicals such as bleach can cause mold to spread and create more costly issues in your home or building. Contact BioRestore for professional mold remediation in Alpharetta, GA.
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Mold remediation will need to occur if breaks happen in basements or different zones inside of a home. Since mold can become anyplace where it discovers some moisture and oxygen, it is extremely hard to keep a track of it. In the event that you experience regular migraines and/or hack, cool and sore throat or different hypersensitivities, in a house opened following a couple of days, and then you ought to sense that these indications are created by indoor toxins fortified by mold spores. It is noticed the individuals with weaker immune framework, particularly senior citizens, children and even pets are exceptionally defenseless to allergic manifestations activated by mold.The objective of mold remediation is to amend the moisture issue and to evacuate mildew covered and defiled materials keeping in mind the end goal to anticipate human introduction and further harm to building materials and decorations. Remediation incorporates basic repairs to counteract extra water interruption, evacuation of mold-debased materials that can’t be satisfactorily cleaned and purified, and cleaning and disinfecting of mold-defiled materials that can bear such activity. Wet permeable materials with mold development must be uprooted and disposed of. These incorporate paper, fiberglass and cellulose protections, gypsum board, ceiling tiles, protection, divider blankets, carpet, leather, and unprotected wood items.

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Mold Removal Process

BioRestore’s Certified Mold Remediation Team will contain, or mask off, the mold contaminated areas as needed to prevent cross contamination of mold spores from occurring during the remediation and removal process. Our highly trained professionals will then remove and bag all contaminated building materials, while using HEPA air scrubbers and negative air machines to filter and clean the air of mold and microbial spores. All permanent structures such as concrete block walls, concrete slabs, and wood studs will then be HEPA sanded, HEPA vacuumed, and cleaned using our 100% Eco-Friendly antimicrobial products. In the final stage of the mold remediation and removal process, ASD will apply an EPA approved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) approved encapsulate with a built in antimicrobial, to seal and protect the structure from future mold related problems. It is always important when an insurance claim has been filed that the insurance provider’s insurance adjuster have the opportunity to evaluate and confirm the presence of mold and water damages before mold remediation takes place. Our knowledgeable staff at BioRestore can help you with the claim process, and can work directly with your insurance provider and adjuster.


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