Without wishing to scare anyone if you are reading this article because you have discovered mold within your property, and are seeking inexpensive and easy solutions, then be very careful. Mold can and does cause significant problems, and is one of the most common issues that many households face. Unfortunately, even if you can see the mold, which in many cases you won’t be able to, it is not as simple as scrubbing or washing it away.

You need to have the correct equipment, knowledge and protective clothing to ensure that the task is completed correctly and without exposing yourself or your family to any further health issues. It is also important to treat the cause rather than the symptoms because without solving the underlying problem, the mold will return rapidly and you will have wasted your time and effort.

What Can Cause Mold Within A Property?

There are hundreds of different situations that can cause mold, with some of the most common being poor ventilation, condensation, standing water or general poor maintenance. Molds can grow on virtually any surface, although porous surfaces provide the most favorable conditions; wood, carpet, dry walls and ceilings should all be regularly checked for signs of mold.

Why Is Mold Such A Problem?

Mold is one of the issues which nearly every homeowner has experienced at some point, and yet the vast majority of people have relatively